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Specializing in Helping Build Start Ups in Education for Film, Games and Music

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Crushing it in the Music Industry

Crushing it in the Music Industry

As a Creative Project Manager for one of the world's largest music merchandise companies I helped to successfully produce hundreds of products for the music industry's biggest names.

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Conquering the Film and Games Industries

Through my viral video strategy I helped a production studio send a student short video to one million views within one year on YouTube. I  created a pitch and managed the relationship with the entertainment website WIRED.COM to gain a feature story about a student short UFO video.

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Conquering the Film and Games Industries

Rocking it with Motley & Beyonce

Simultaneously managed Beyoncé /Jay Z ‘s On the Run tour and Motley Crue’s Final Tour creative designs for their merchandise lines for 2014-2015. Leading to millions of dollars in revenue.

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School House Start Ups Rock!

See how I helped take a Digital Art and Animation School from Start-Up to 'Try-and-keep-up'

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Testimonials and Recommendations

  • “I worked with Bob on the marketing efforts for the video I directed ‘UFO Over Santa Clarita’. Bob’s efforts in getting the word out to the major internet “trend-setter” was crucial to the success of making it go viral. After WIRED released their feature story about the video we saw the views skyrocket to nearly one million views in six months. Bob knows the importance of creating strong partnerships with writers and advertisers of trend-setting websites to help get videos going viral.”

    Aristomenis Tsirbas, Film Director – Meni Things
  • “Bob joined us in the early stages of CG Spectrum’s growth and was instrumental in the re-branding, design and marketing shift that we underwent. As we grew Bob took on more responsibilities and effortlessly managed everything from digital marketing campaigns to website design and SEO optimisation. Bob constantly went above and beyond and always maintained an incredibly positive attitude regardless of the situation. Bob is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend him highly.”

    Nick Fredin – Co-Founder and Director CG Spectrum
  • “Although I have never witnessed it myself, word on the street is that Bob can eat a live squirrel whole! As if that’s not impressive enough he also has substantial skill and experience in creating and executing integrated marketing strategies and campaigns across traditional and digital media. His results speak for themselves and anyone would be lucky to work with Bob.”

    Grant Davies, Co-Founder/Digital Director at
  • “Bob is a creative “on top of things” person. I’ve come to trust him over the years, and he’s proven to be a great go-to person whenever I’ve needed something. He’s pleasant and professional and also very talented. I recommend him highly.”

    Kevin Hudson – Asset Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • “Bob helped grow our company 11 x’s the size through his keen and out of the box marketing strategy. He is highly skilled in design and marketing and is always willing to pitch in wherever and whenever necessary. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a high level of positive energy to them team whith an ability to adapt to various scenarios and hit tight deadlines whilst managing competing priorities.”

    Jeff Pepper, Director & Founder – CG Spectrum College of Digital Art and Animation

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